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DNA Pet Lab Provides

Breed Identification Profile & LifePlan
Health Screen & LifePlan
Health Screen & Breed Identification Combo & LifePlan
Health Screen & LifePlan

The World’s Most Complete Dog DNA Test

Health screening

Providing possible life-saving insights by determining which genetic diseases your pet has a high risk of developing. Identify and take immediate precautions.

Risk Analysis

Advanced proprietary algorithms identify threats to your pet's health based on age, breed, gender weight, lifestyle and location factors.

Weight Prediction

Just how big your pet will grow? (for pets under 12 months of age). Customised daily dietary suggestions based on age, activity level and breed.

Lifelong Health

Our LifePlan™ looks at all aspects of your pet’s health risks and needs giving you and your furry friend a lifelong plan to follow.

Clinically Relevant Results

Ensure early detection using recommendations for age-appropriate screening for only the most common and clinically relevant conditions.

Barking Mad Fans

Joel and Cobber

Here I was thinking Cobber was a pure Poodle! Fascinating breed analysis, love him even more! Thanks DNA Pet Lab!

John and Nyla

This gave me much more peace of mind around what Nyla’s health risks might be. Being a Beagle she is prone to being overweight so the daily dietary plan was perfect!

Lana and Daisy

We adopted Daisy but had no idea about her breed mix until we took the Breed ID test! So cool.

Alma and Djengo

We bought the Vitality test for Djengo’s birthday. He tried to eat the swabs but we all had a lot of fun getting him checked. Now we have a plan for the rest of his life! Woof!!

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